Family Law

Our Expert Psychologists specialise in Family Law cases.

We are able to provide a guranteed service filing reports within 8 weeks. for a capped fee*.

Our experts can provide specialist risk assessments of parents in relation to domestic violence, sex offender risk assessments, ability to protect the child, understanding of the needs of a child, psychological aspects of abuse, effects of alcohol/ substance misuse, attachment and personality factors (including psychopathy and personality disorder), assessments of capacity and ability to meet the standards for ‘good enough’ parenting.

We also provide cognitive functioning assessments and mental health assessments. However, our services are not limited to these. Our experts are hugely experienced in their fields and we only take on the highest quality of experts to provide the best possible service to our clients.

We ensure that the entire process from referral to filing of the report is fast, efficient and meets the requirements of the Courts.

Our primary focus at all times is the welfare of the child. We ensure our service is rapid and smooth because we understand that the best possible decisions for a child’s welfare must be made according to the most reasonable timetable for the child and not for the expert.

Contact us now to make a referral or simply to discuss a case to see if our service can help.

(* – subject to terms and conditions)

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